Rastafarihouse Boni

Stenenbrug 7, Maastricht



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This place is close to my house and I come here nearly every day. The people who run the shop are extremely pleasant and very knowledgeable in marijuana and what they sell. You can describe the high you want and they'll be able to direct you to the exact weed for you. All the weed sold there is checked thoroughly and they will never sell anything they wouldn't smoke themselves. I've tried every strain they've sold there for a few years and it is consistently high-quality and definitely worth the price. Best coffeeshop in Maastricht. Warning to visitors: Maastricht laws require you live in the Netherlands and be able to provide proof of address and identification to purchase from coffeeshops. If you are not from the Netherlands and just visiting, you can't purchase in the city of Maastricht, you will need to travel further north to purchase your marijuana legally from a coffeeshop.


Best shop in Maastricht!


Great place, most cosy shop in Maastricht, outside balcony seats


Beste kwaliteit en aanbod van maastricht personeel soms wat onvriendelijk


Grumpy girl