Zero Zero

Laat 32, Alkmaar



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Heel goede shop! Mooi kwaliteits spul,voor een goede prijs en super aardig personeel! Hou van deze tent


overall looking over the years a very good shop about just a few meters from any time. If there's a competition ongoing between Zero Zero & Any Time because the strains and menus are out of the box. At the moment you can choose Girl Scout Cookies, S5, Super Silver, Big Budha Cheese, White Lady etc. etc. Quality and maybe looking at some of the dominant strains the have at the moment they are at the top together with any time they are running the show in Alkmaar when it comes to the big bad strains and an ultimate high. My advice go to both and remember if you want a 5 stars restaurant and want quality food don't try to get the cheapest the price is fair between 12-16 euro p/gr this is legit. And quality guaranteed.